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Bert Oosterhof - Independent Advisor on Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Data Architectures, Data Management, Big Data Projects and Product Evaluations.

My whole professional career, which approaches 40 years, I have worked with DATA related software technologies. Boring? Not really ! If you look at it just from a bits and bytes perspective, then one may agree.
But solving the challenges of ever increasing complexities of storing, using, integrating and visualizing high volumes and varieties of data to the benefits of organisations is actually very interesting.
After evangelizing the importance of data for many years, finally, companies start to realize it’s the huge potential value and treat it as one of the organizational pillars, together with People and Money.


Founder BOAS

Since January 1st , 2016 I started as an independent advisor to be able to offer my knowledge and experience to Software Start-up companies as well as organisations with defining their future data architecture.

Director of Technology, EMEA CTO Office, Informatica

In the almost 15 years at Informatica I helped the company grow from just an ETL tools vendor to the leader in Data Integration platform, with solutions for Data Quality, Master Data Management, Big Data Management, and others. Through this, EMEA revenue increased in that period to over 100M dollars.

CTO and Founder at syn-T-sys

Distributor for Informatica in Benelux. First with other products portfolio: Novera, Cloudscape, Net-It, Ding! and later just focus on: Informatica, Trillium, KXEN. The company grew to 22 people before being acquired by Informatica Corp. in 2001.

Co-founder and general manager at Do~IT

Started in 1994 as the 1st distributor of Illustra products in Europe. Illustra was founded by (a.o.) Prof. Mike Stonebraker and was the pioneer of enterprise, rich-content database software. Illustra was recognized as the "Most Influential Company in the Database Marketplace" in 1995. Illustra was acquired by Informix. See Forbes article from 1997. Other products in portfolio (a.o.): Bulldog Software (acquired by Documentum), Virage (acquired by Autonomy).

For more background see my LinkedIn page.


  • Trusted Advisor to CIOs and Architects on Big Data, Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things), Data Integration, Data Wrangling and other Data-related technologies.
  • Advisory Services for Database, Data Integration and Data Governance architecture choices.
  • Business Development services for Software Partner and Resell Channel.
  • Technical Advisory Board services.

Current and Recent Activities

EMEA Field CTO and Advisor at Trifacta (San Francisco, CA)

Technical Advisory Board Member at Klarrio (Antwerp, Belgium)

Advisory Board Member at The ETL Factory (Edinburgh, Scotland)

More projects  

Advisor Data Analytics Architecture Project at NS, Dutch Railways (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Big-Data-As-A-Service Advisor at KPN (The Hague, Netherlands)

Less projects  

Illustra Informatica Parstream Hadoop Spark Trifacta

Software Timeline

Illustra – Data Base Server

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